Graduation Rate Hits All-Time High!

The 2018 cohort graduation rate for the Cobb County School District increased by 1.6 percentage points to 85.18 percent, which exceeds the state average of 81.6 by 3.5 percentage points. This is the highest graduation rate for Cobb since the current method of measuring the graduation rate began in 2012. It is the fourth consecutive year that the rate surpassed 80 percent.  Cobb’s graduation rate particularly stands out when compared with its peers (Fulton 86.8, Gwinnett 81.7, Atlanta 79.9, DeKalb 75.0, Marietta 76.2, Cobb 85.2).

“Our commitment to the success of each student has helped Cobb continue to increase the number of students who graduate and are prepared to win outside of the classroom,” Superintendent Chris Ragsdale said.


Lassiter High School led with a graduation rate of 95.58. Harrison High School and Walton High School also returned rates above 95. Three additional Cobb schools graduated more than 90 percent of their students including Allatoona High School, 92.96 percent; Hillgrove High School, 93.87 percent; and Pope High School, 94.09 percent.

Nine schools increased their rate with Pebblebrook High School topping the list at 6.2 percentage points.

Both Campbell High School and Kennesaw Mountain High School raised their graduation rates by more than four percentage points.

“I think the continued increase in Campbell’s graduation rate is a testament to the staff’s relentless focus on student success. The efforts of our counselors, social worker, parent liaison, and every teacher from 9th to 12th grade are focused on producing outstanding scholars who go on to attend top colleges and universities.  It’s a school where parents are proud to send their children, and we are honored to help them achieve success,” said Dr. Jeanne Walker, Campbell principal. “Campbell students achieve through multiple programs including not only our outstanding IB program but also dual enrollment, work-based learning, after-school enrichment in the Spartan STEM academy, and Saturday Power Surge sessions.”

Like Campbell, the rate at which Sprayberry High School students graduate has continued to increase over the past three years. Campbell’s graduation rate has risen by 17.4 percentage points since 2014. Sprayberry’s rate increased by 5.3 percentage points over the same period to 86.21 in 2018.

The other schools in the district all have reason to be proud, as well. Kell, North Cobb, and McEachern High Schools all finished well-above the state graduation rate average, with McEachern and North Cobb also showcasing positive growth over the last four years.

Meanwhile, Wheeler, Osborne, and South Cobb High Schools all have real graduations rates ABOVE 94%.

What is a “real” graduation rate?

The federally mandated method for calculating graduation rate includes all students enrolled during a four-year period even those enrolled for a single day. However, when you include only those students who enrolled in a Cobb high school for at least two years, the rate rises to 90.5 percent. For those students who are enrolled in Cobb for all four years of high school, the rate rises to 97.1 percent.