Graduation Rate Offers Evidence of Cobb Excellence

In Cobb, we know students are more than numbers and percentages. We know the success of our students doesn’t end at the graduation stage, it’s where success begins. We also know having one of the best graduation rates in the metropolitan areas doesn’t mean our job is done, far from it. We aren’t satisfied until each and every one of our seniors graduate on time. We aren’t satisfied with defining success for our students and district based on graduation rate calculations which don’t account for the amount of time students spend being taught by teachers. We are always happy to celebrate the achievements of our staff, student and families and this week’s graduation rate release gives us an opportunity to do just that.

Yesterday, the state of Georgia released the latest graduation rate information (from the 2017-2018 school year). While some metro-area school districts saw a decline in their overall graduation rate numbers, the Cobb County School District posted impressive gains.

In fact, the latest results were the best that the district has ever seen and prove once again that Cobb County is the state’s standard bearer in education. The Cobb County School District’s graduation rate has continually outpaced the state’s growth, even as Georgia’s rate has steadily climbed, year-after-year since 2015.


Moreover, the Cobb County School District continues to be at the head of the class for the metropolitan area.

While our peers saw a decline in overall growth or saw no change, Cobb continued to build upon its past success

While Fulton saw higher graduation rate numbers, the Cobb County School District scored far-higher on the 2017-2018 Georgia Milestones. Meanwhile, the graduation rate for other metro districts of similar size ranges from 5 to 10 points less than the District’s. Like most indicators of student achievement, high graduation rates are harder for large districts to achieve and maintain while rates typically are easier for smaller districts to improve and maintain.

Even as the district’s state-calculated graduation rate continues to climb, so too does Cobb’s “real” graduation rate.

What is a “real” graduation rate?

The federally mandated method for calculating graduation rate includes all students enrolled during a four-year period even those enrolled for a single day. However, when you include only those students who enrolled in a Cobb high school for all four years of high school, the rate rises to 97.1 percent. 

Each new piece of data that is released by the state of Georgia serves only to confirm what the citizens of Cobb County already know.

The Cobb County School District continues to be the best place to teach, lead, and learn.