Riverside Intermediate Spreads Literacy, Opens Little Lending Libraries 

Even when school is not in session, Riverside Intermediate School students will have access to books. 

In an effort to create excitement for reading and accessibility of books, Riverside Intermediate School has partnered with several community organizations to install Little Lending Libraries.

Riverside Intermediate recently cut the ribbon on their first library location at “The Waverly” housing community on Plantation Hill Road. The new library is stocked full of books and the school staff plan to conduct a book drive to ensure the library does not run empty.  

There is also a Little Lending Library at the Boys and Girls Club on Riverside Parkway. Little Lending Libraries will soon pop up in the school’s outdoor reading garden, as well as, at the Premier Learning Academy.  

The Little Lending Libraries themselves are constructed of mostly recycled materials and were donated by a Riverside Intermediate volunteer. Each library has two shelves one for children and one for adolescences and adults.   

The idea for the tiny libraries grew out of a Riverside Intermediate staff brainstorming session on how to get kids excited about reading not only in school but outside the school walls, in the community.   

“We believe it will be fun for the children to choose a book from a Little Library,” said James Groover, Riverside Intermediate Title I parent facilitator. “We have one of the largest low socioeconomic status (SES) student populations in Cobb and see this as a way for them to not just get a book, but also be able to contribute by giving back a book. The motto for each library is ‘take a book, leave a book.’” 

Those interested in donating books should contact James Groover at James.Groover@cobbk12.org