Griffin Middle School gets Class of 2023 Excited for High School 

This time next year, current Griffin Middle School eighth graders will be attending classes at either Campbell High School or Osborne High School. Their middle school days will be behind them, and their graduation in front of them. 

To get the Class of 2023 excited about the next steps in their educational journey, Griffin Middle School held a graduation pep rally for their freshmen-to-be.  

Griffin invited students and administers from Campbell and Osborne to come out and give the middle school students an idea of what to expect in high school. 

The drumlines from the two high schools also performed for the students.  

“It is really inspiring to see performances by both high schools because I am in band myself,” said eighth-grader Foster, who will be attending Campbell next year.  

Seeing the bands gave him an idea of how much his skills will improve in high school. Foster, who will be a part of Campbell’s International Baccalaureate program, is looking forward to everything about high school, especially the freedom.  

His sister already attends Campbell. So, he is excited to take part in some of the same things he has heard about from his big sister. 

Fellow band student, Ansley is slated to attend Osborne High School. Like Foster, she has heard a lot about the clubs at her future high school. 

Ansley said a lot of eighth graders get nervous about going to high school, and she was hopeful that the graduation presentation offered by Griffin would impact her classmates in a positive way. 

In addition to giving the students a glimpse of what to expect at the two high schools, Griffin also gave the eighth graders student-created Class of 2023 shirts to keep graduation in focus for the students. 

The Class of 2023 could help Campbell High School continue its trend of increasing the number of students who graduate. In 2018, the Campbell students who graduated increased by 4 percentage points. For Osborne High School students who were enrolled in the school all four years of high school, the graduation rate finished above 94 percent.  

The graduation rate doesn’t just reflect the work of high school staff. It reflects the students’ educational journey from kindergarten. It reflects teachers getting students excited about life after graduation. It reflects the impact of events like Griffin’s graduation pep rally.