Shallowford Falls Elementary Principals Camp Out at School  

Teachers and principals arrive well before students and do not leave for the day until long after the school bell rings. However, the principals at Shallowford Falls Elementary School took that dedication to a whole new level. They extended their hours overnight. 

The school principals camped out at the school in celebration of the school community achieving their $40,000 fundraising goal during Shallowford’s annual Fox Trot Fun Run. 

In past years, the administrative team transformed into human frozen yogurt sundaes and rode a mechanical bull as tributes to the community support. 

The Fox Trot Fun Run is the annual #teamfox fundraiser at Shallowford Falls Elementary organized by the PTA and foundation. Shallowford Falls keeps 100 percent of the proceeds because this particular fundraiser is fully planned and executed by volunteers. For the 2018-19 school year, the funds will be used to enhance the school with the addition of automated hand sanitizer stations, technology improvements, and reading materials.