Cobb ACT Scores Top State, Nation for 13th Straight Year 

Like last year and the year before that, Cobb County School District students posted ACT scores above the state and national average. This is the thirteenth consecutive year that Cobb’s graduating class has topped their peers around the country.

Cobb’s Class of 2018 scored an average composite ACT score of 22.8 out of a maximum possible 36 points. That’s 1.4 points higher than the Georgia average of 21.4 and a staggering two points higher than the national average of 20.8.

“In Cobb, we know our students better, our teachers are better, and our overall team’s commitment to student success is better. The ACT results are just more proof,” Cobb Superintendent Chris Ragsdale said. “Seeing our students outperform their peers in the state and across the nation for more than a decade is a testament to our team’s focus on helping each and every student succeed.”

In addition to returning scores higher than the state and nation, Cobb students outpaced their peers in neighboring Marietta by 1.6 points. Cobb Schools also outperformed Georgia’s largest school district and scored more than four points higher than another metro Atlanta District.

More than 51 percent of the district’s 2018 graduating class took the ACT during high school. Cobb students scored 22.6 in English, 22.0 in math, 23.5 in reading, and 22.4 in science – all above the Georgia and national averages.

Walton High School students recorded an average composite score of 26.7. Topping out at second and third for the district, Pope High School students posted a 25.7 and Lassiter High School students came in at 24.8.

Kennesaw Mountain High School, which ranked fourth among Cobb students, saw the largest composite score gain of 0.5 points while also having a 2.3 percentage point increase in the school’s participation rate.

“We are very proud of both our students and our staff. A strong focus on academics for our kids along with a robust collaborative planning initiative by our faculty played a major role in our success,” said Kennesaw Mountain Principal, Dr. Mark Trachtenbroit. “Kennesaw Mountain will continue to work hard to keep propelling our learners to new heights.”

Ten students in the 2018 graduating class returned perfect scores of 36. Those students attended four schools: Kennesaw Mountain High School (3); Lassiter High School (3); Walton High School (2); and Wheeler High School (2).