Milford Elementary Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 

From Cuba and the Dominican Republic to Mexico, Panama, and Puerto Rico, Milford Elementary School students took a trip around Latin America without even leaving Cobb County. 

Inside Milford’s cafeteria, the unique musical sounds of the Latin countries rang out as the students laughed, clapped, and even danced all the while learning about other cultures and geography, too. 

The guest speaker whirled around the cafeteria to authentic Latin rhythms like the salsa and merengue. Some of the students joined her for a musical parade around the room. Other students donned a sombrero and strummed a guitar. The guest teachers showed a few students how to use different traditional Latin America instruments.  

Parents and teachers, alike, watched the educational duo from Havana Son use dance to teach the students. 

A few of the teachers joined in to demonstrate their Latin dance moves to the delight of the students and fellow Milford teachers. 

It wasn’t just an event to teach the students about Hispanic Heritage Month, it was a cultural experience that brought the Milford school community together.