Cobb County Student SAT Scores Increase Again 

Continuing the trend from prior years, Cobb County School District students once again scored higher on the SAT. Cobb’s Class of 2018 scored 19 points higher than the 2017 graduates for an average total SAT score of 1,107 out of a maximum possible 1,600 points. Cobb students also outperformed Georgia’s average SAT score by 43 points and the national average by 39 points. Locally, Cobb students led their Atlanta metro peers.

The scores reflect the most recent score for each student who expected to graduate in 2018. More than 70 percent of the 2018 graduating class took the new SAT.

This year, the district average for the math section of the SAT jumped 10 points to a score of 544 out of a maximum score of 800. The district average for the evidence-based reading and writing section increased by nine points to 563.

“Seeing our student SAT scores rise year after year reflects the hard work of our teachers and staff as they prepare students for the next step in their educational journey,” said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. “Our teachers never stop developing new and innovative ways to help our students succeed. They are preparing Cobb students to compete on a state, national, and international level.”

Walton High School students topped the list with an average score of 1,262. Lassiter High School and Pope High School students also scored above 1,200. An additional five schools recorded average scores of more than 1,100: Allatoona High School, Harrison High School, Hillgrove High School, Kennesaw Mountain High School, and Wheeler High School.

“Our test scores are indicative of the daily work of the students and faculty,” said Walton Principal Dr. Catherine L. Mallanda. “Our faculty strives to develop critical reading, problem-solving, and critical thinking for all students. Our students have both the desire and the drive to excel and thrive in this environment.”

Four Cobb schools increased SAT scores by 20 or more points compared to 2017. Pope’s average score rose by an astounding 39 points. Kennesaw Mountain and Allatoona increased by 26 points and 25 points respectively. Walton rounded out the list with a 20-point boost.

“The growth that we have seen this year on our SAT scores is amazing. We are extremely proud of our students for the focused and intentional effort they have put into achieving a high level of success on their SAT’s,” said Pope Principal Tom Flugum. “These results are a testament to the commitment of our staff and students to continually improve so that they can learn, grow, and lead both now and in the future. Specifically, I think that our teachers are determined and focused on providing instruction that ensures that students learn the critical thinking skills necessary for success on assessments like the SAT and in life.”

Like this year, Cobb students exceeded the state and national averages in 2017 and 2016, the first year that students began taking the redesigned test. Previously, the maximum score was 2400. The 2018 graduates are the first class where almost all students took the new SAT.

In addition to the Cobb’s students increased success on the SAT, Cobb students also recorded ACT scores above the state and national average for the thirteenth consecutive year. The Class of 2018 rounded out their success with an all-time high graduation rate of 85.18 percent.