Simpson Middle School Students Hold Cardboard Regatta 

As the Simpson Middle School students timidly stepped into their cardboard-crafted boats, their faces said it all—will it float?

In preparation for the school’s annual regatta, students worked diligently in class to cut, calculate, and create cardboard boats sturdy enough to keep out the water when they pushed off the pool edge at the Mountain View Aquatic Center. The two-student teams climbed into their watercraft, paddles in hand. The first group of students paddled feverishly in a race not only against the boats in the other lanes but also against the water dampening their cardboard boats. 

Even as the students began losing the battle against the lapping water, they laughed and kept paddling toward the other side. Despite not making it all the way across the pool in their makeshift crafts, the students were still smiling when they pulled their collapsed boats from the water. The second group didn’t make it much past the water’s edge.

They may have lost the race, but they still won through what they learned during the process. The Simpson students put their math skills to the test when crafting their designs. From the start to when they dragged their drenched vessels from the water, the students worked as a team. After the regatta, the students have the opportunity to learn from flaws in their designs and how to solve the issues that caused their ships to sink.

Although no student’s vessel made it across the pool, there was one boat that sailed through the water. Simpson Middle School Principal Dr. Ansley Daniel and Simpson Assistant Principal Hannah Polk left the students in their wake, proving to the students that creating a watercraft from cardboard is possible. Also, principals always win.