Cobb Schools Honor Veterans 

“Dear Veteran, I admire you because you helped America in a great way. Thank you for everything you did for us. You are the best…”  

“Dear Veteran, I admire you because you risked your life just for us, and I’m thankful for that…” 

Those are excerpts from some of the letters written to veterans by students at Varner Elementary School. Students across the Cobb County School District recently gathered to pay tribute to veterans in honor of Veterans Day.  

Some veterans donned their uniforms of yesterday, while others laced up the boots they still wear in service to their country. They visited the schools of their daughters, grandsons, nieces, nephews, or wives. They listened as the students sang patriotic songs and rose to their feet when they heard the song of their military branch. 

At Rocky Mount Elementary School, students heard their own school custodian, Winston Wilkerson, share about his time in the U.S. Navy. They asked him questions and learned more about what it’s like to serve.  

Many schools like Rocky Mount also lined students up and down the halls waving America flags as the veterans and their family members walked in a parade around the school.

Students at Blackwell Elementary School, Davis Elementary School, Ford Elementary School, Nicholson Elementary School, Tritt Elementary SchoolStill Elementary SchoolMcEachern High School, Wheeler High School, and Frey Elementary School, to name a few, also welcomed veterans to special ceremonies in their honor.  

Some schools stepped out into the community to thank veterans for their service. Osborne High School ROTC students visited a local veterans’ residency home. They presented the colors and spent time talking to the veterans.  

Cobb high school students also marched in the annual Marietta Veterans Day parade. 

In the end, a letter from a Still Elementary School student best explains why the school communities across Cobb chose to honor those in uniform. 

“Thank you, Hero, for serving our country and protecting it. We are so grateful for you. We celebrate you every year and every day. You are amazing, kind, and honorable.”