Lassiter-Pope-Kell’s NJROTC Recognized for Community Service 

Because of their dedication to community beautification, students in the Lassiter-Pope-Kell (LPK) NJROTC program earned the title of Adopt-a-Mile Youth Group of the Year by Keep Cobb Beautiful. 

Capt. Jim Minta (USN, RET) and First Sgt. Lorenzo Cox (USMC, RET) recently paired the NJROTC unit with the Keep Cobb Beautiful initiative by adopting Shallowford Road in front of Lassiter High School. Once a quarter, cadets, armed with plastic gloves, trash bags, and neon vests, spend a morning picking up trash along the mile stretch.  

Knowing that individuals are far less likely to desecrate a well-maintained community motivates the Cobb students to keep their community beautiful. The student volunteers are not only helping the local community, but they are also helping the environment. 

Ever since the unit’s involvement along the road, litter within the area has decreased dramatically, according to the students’ NJROTC leaders. The reduction of litter mitigates the effect of pollutants flowing into the surrounding water basins. Both the Lassiter High School campus and the area surrounding it appear healthier and cleaner than ever. LPK’s NJROTC cadets plan to continue to set an example with their clean-up efforts in their East Cobb community.