Mableton Elementary Students Explore Careers, One Launches YouTube Career 

Mableton Elementary School is Cobb STEM Certified, State STEAM Certified, and is AdvancED STEM Certified—the internationally recognized mark of quality for STEM schools and programs. 

Because of Mableton’s focus on science, technology, engineering, art, and math, a Mableton student may be the one who in two decades designs a new rocket, codes the next Facebook, or builds the next Falcons football stadium. Beyond the day-to-day STEM integration, Mableton invited parents and community members to a career day in hopes of sparking the students’ interest in a STEAM career field.  

According to Pew Research, STEM workers earn about 26 percent more than non-STEM workers. Some STEM jobs are expected to continue to grow at a higher rate than other career fields. That’s why Mableton brought in speakers who could talk to the students about a variety of STEAM-related careers.  

The students’ eyes flashed as they saw a welder demonstrate what he does every day and explain the science behind it. WSB-TV’s Storm Chaser 2 stopped by the school so the students could check out the drone and other equipment from the news team. 

The majority of the students probably do not have their future careers marked out, their future career may not even exist yet. However, that’s not the case for one Mableton fourth grader, who used the Mableton career day to start her own STEAM career. 

Zoe Raye served as career speaker to Mableton kindergarteners and her fourth-grade classmates as she launched her social media cooking program—Zoe Raye’s Hip Hop Kitchen.    

During her cooking demonstration, which was recorded for her Youtube Channel, Zoe invited her fellow Mableton students to assist her as she made rainbow spaghetti. 

She wanted to use her new cooking show to inspire her classmates and the kindergartners to explore a career that they like, just like she is doing.   

After she dished up her colorful spin on the classic meal, her student helpers gobbled it up, praising the budding chef.  

Although Zoe got the idea to launch a cooking show outside of school, some of the STEAM activities at Mableton prepared her. 

“In STEM class, we would do the green screen for different projects,” explained Zoe, who used a green screen to create her cooking show promo video. 

As a fledgling entrepreneur, Zoe is already engrossed in the STEAM world.  Thanks to the way teachers at Mableton integrate STEAM throughout the school, Zoe’s not going to be the only one.