Lockheed Martin Supports Cobb STEM Education, Awards Cobb $90,000 in Innovation Grants 

MARIETTA, GEORGIA— Thanks to $90,000 in innovation grants from Lockheed Martin, the Cobb County School District will further cement itself as a leader in science, technology, engineering, and math education. Lockheed Martin presented the grants to Cobb’s STEM and Innovation Department during the December Board of Education meeting. 

“We are grateful for Lockheed Martin’s investment in Cobb students,” said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. “Cobb Schools continually stand out as STEM role models, and with the support of community partners, like Lockheed, our students will be standouts in the STEM career fields of the future.” 

The Lockheed Martin innovation grants will help Cobb build on the district’s STEM foundation, which includes 23 Cobb STEM, 12 AdvancED STEM, six Georgia STEM, and two Georgia STEAM certified schools.  

For three years, educators from around the state have flocked to Cobb’s annual STEMapalooza to learn how Cobb does STEM. Now, with the help of a $50,000 Lockheed Martin innovation grant, Cobb will once again give educators access to a learning conference dedicated to STEM. The 2019 STEMapalooza, which is scheduled for June, will give more than 500 educators access to more than 250 STEM learning sessions taught by experts inside and outside of Cobb.  

In addition to a grant for Cobb’s STEM conference, Lockheed Martin also awarded Cobb a $40,000 grant to support Cobb Robotics. The grant will provide for new equipment, training, software and other resources necessary to integrate robotics into schools. Plus, Cobb will provide STEM mini-grants for teachers throughout the district so teachers can purchase needed robotics equipment for their classrooms. This allows individual educators to integrate robotics into daily instruction. These mini-grants will range from $250 to $500.  

The Lockheed funds will also help establish STEM Gems Clubs across the county. The STEM Gems clubs introduce young girls to female role models in STEM, including role models in the robotics field.  

The next generation of robotics engineers may be sitting in a Cobb classroom. Because of grants like the ones from Lockheed Martin, those future engineers may look back and credit a Cobb robotics club or a STEM Gems Club for their success—opportunities that wouldn’t exist without community support. 

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