Cobb Mentoring Matters: January is National Mentoring Month 

National Mentoring Month celebrates the power of relationships. 

During the month-long event in January, Cobb Mentoring Matters will reflect on the growth of the mentoring movement, recognize the need to continue to recruit new mentors for students, and offer opportunities to thank the mentors who have positively impacted student lives.  

Join Cobb Mentoring Matters and Cobb Schools in celebrating mentoring and the positive effects it has on young people.  

Over the past seven years, Cobb Mentoring Matters—the Cobb County School Districts flagship mentoring program—has connected hundreds of mentors with Cobb students.  

“We repeatedly observe the power of mentoring all the time. Our mentors come from all sectors, races, and ages from the Cobb County community,” explained Maryellen Gomes, Cobb Schools mentor coordinator, and social worker. “If you currently have mentors at your school, please take a moment to say thank you and acknowledge the time, effort, and love they provide to Cobb students.” 

Some of the ways to say thank you: 

  • Place “Thank You Mentors” on the school’s outdoor marque 
  • Place some photos of your Mentors on school websites 
  • Host a breakfast or lunch for mentors 

According to Gomes, Cobb Mentoring Matters gets requests weekly for mentors, so recruitment efforts are ongoing. However, every school can help recruit mentors from the school community. 

“We stand ready to assist you in those efforts with getting new mentors vetted,” Gomes added. “If every school in the district commits to recruit at least 25 mentors, that is a huge accomplishment! Staff members know a neighbor, or a family member, or church member that has a gift to work with kids, so invite them into this movement!” 

To learn more about mentors in Cobb, go here: