Nickajack Elementary Raises More Than $100,000—a School Record  

Local school foundations across the Cobb County School District often conduct fundraising campaigns to add extras to the classrooms and provide teachers with mini-grants to fund programs that enhance students’ educational opportunities. 

Setting a record for the school, the Nickajack Elementary School Foundation recently announced that their 2018-2019 “Back the Jack” campaign raised more than $100,000 to benefit students at Nickajack Elementary School.  

Through funds donated by Nickajack families, the record setting campaign will be used to purchase tech tubs, school-wide software, curriculum enhancements, and Nickajack teacher grants.  

“This year’s goal was $90,000, which was a significant increase from last year,” said Tim Christie, the Nickajack Foundation president. “This positive thinking and committed work of the Foundation Board of Directors and the Nickajack community not only made that goal attainable but allowed us to exceed 2017-2018’s goal by over 25 percent!”  

Each year, the Nickajack Foundation works with the school’s administration and teachers to determine which curriculum and technology programs to fund. In the past, the “Back the Jack” campaign has provided for the development of the school’s Learning Commons, iPad mini carts, MyOn Reader, Lucy Calkins Units of Study Writing Programs, and professional development programs.  

Since this school year’s campaign ended, several of the items on Nickajack’s wish list have already been purchased and 16 grants were awarded to 21 teachers for classroom wishes and professional development opportunities.  

Although the official campaign ended several months ago, the Foundation continues to receive donations and corporate matching dollars. The Foundation expects the campaign total to continue to increase before the end of the school year. That’s more funds to help students and teachers at Nickajack Elementary succeed.