Apply in February for a School Choice Transfer: Here’s How it Works 

According to the Brooking Institution, the Cobb County School District ranks number one in Georgia and 32nd in the nation for providing students with school choice opportunities. Last year, more than 2,000 students in the Cobb County School District took advantage of the School Choice February enrollment period and applied to attend another school in Cobb. About 89 percent of those School Choice applications were approved. 

Now is the time for parents and guardians who wish to transfer their child to another school in Cobb to apply online for a School Choice transfer. Parents/guardians of a student zoned to attend a District school may apply for an HB 251 transfer in accordance with Georgia’s Quality Basic Education Act and District Administrative Rule JBCD-R in order to pursue a transfer to another District School.  

Although HB 251 only requires an enrollment period of two weeks, the Cobb County School District has increased the application window to cover the entire month of February from February 4-28 to give parents/guardians more opportunity to apply.  

Before beginning the transfer application process, parents/guardians should review the school choice application requirements here.  

Parents/guardians can include up to three schools in the transfer application. For those who included three schools in their application last year, their approval rate jumped to over 97 percent.  

Available spaces are NOT assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. If there are more applications received than spaces available at a particular school, a lottery will be held.  

For those who are approved, they will receive an email and phone notification prior to April 1. Once a school choice transfer is approved, the parent/guardian must contact the receiving school by May 1, 2019, in order to indicate whether the transfer offer will be accepted. The parent/guardian must also submit a school choice transfer enrollment form to the receiving school by May 24, 2019. 

Students not chosen in the random lottery for their first choice school will be placed on a waiting list based on the outcome of the lottery. Students chosen from the waiting list will be notified by the local school by July 12, 2019. 

Once a transfer is approved, the student does not need to re-apply the next year unless the student is advancing to the next school level. Current fifth and eighth-grade transfer students must re-apply when moving from elementary to middle or middle to high. Current fifth and eighth-grade students applying to continue in the school feeder pattern will be given first priority in the lottery process. 

Apply for a School Choice transfer today.  

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