I Want to Become a Teacher in the Cobb County School District. Now What?

Guest: Kevin Kiger, CCSD Exec. Dir. of Human Resources

00:35 The Steps to Becoming a CCSD Teacher
01:22 Connecting with the District
02:23 The Best Place to Teach, Lead and Learn
03:37 Retirement Program is Exemplary
04:53 Salary is Among the Best
06:03 Cobb's Lifestyle Benefits
07:09 How the Hiring Process Works
09:17 Vacancies Throughout the Year
10:08 The Hardest Positions to Fill
11:58 Bus Drivers Get Good Benefits!
12:56 Resumes Stay in the System
14:14 Upcoming Opportunities
15:47 The Ideal Scenario for Applicants

Cobb Schools’ Executive Director of Human Resources, Kevin Kiger, discusses job opportunities and the hiring process in the Cobb County School District.

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