Cobb Schools Closed on Tuesday, January 29th

Due to severe weather warnings from the National Weather Service, the Governor’s decision to close state offices, and the expectation that the commute to/from our schools could be dangerous, the district has decided to close operations on Tuesday, January 29th.

Knowing that it interrupts the school day and the education process, we did not make this decision lightly. However, given that our District serves more than 112,000 students and their families, as well as 18,000 staff members, and that the safety of our students and staff are paramount, we chose to act on the side of safety.

The District will continue monitoring the situation, with an eye towards the condition of our roads, and we’ll be sure to update the community further by 5 pm Tuesday evening.

We will continue to do our best to act in the interests of those whom we serve. Thank you for your understanding and your support.


For more on how the CCSD operates when facing winter weather, click here.

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