Cobb Schools Foundation Awards Teachers Almost $25,000 in IMPACT Grants 

Like a prize patrol, the Cobb Schools Foundation recently popped into schools around the Cobb County School District to present 18 teachers with almost $25,000 in IMPACT grants.  

One after the other, when the teachers saw the oversized check, they cheered. Their students erupted in applause. The teachers started passing out hugs especially to the Atlanta Braves Mascot Blooper who joined the Cobb Schools Foundation for many of the IMPACT grant presentations. In addition to financial support from the Atlanta Braves Foundation, Gas South, and Greystone Power, individual donors also helped make the IMPACT grants possible. 

“It is a great honor to support teachers who are already so giving of themselves, and to connect their ideas for student success with generous business leaders,” said Felicia Wagner, Cobb Schools Foundation director. 

Thanks to the IMPACT grants, some Cobb teachers will be able to enhance their science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs. For example, King Springs Elementary’s STEM lab teacher will use her grant for coding across curriculum. Other teachers will have funds to include digital learning writing and boost literacy levels. The IMPACT grant for Pebblebrook High School will help STEM, digital learning, and literacy by embracing virtual reality experiences. 

Other IMPACT grants go toward supporting students’ character and leadership, like East Side Elementary’s “Culture of Kindness”. 

To learn how to support student success through the Cobb Schools Foundation, visit here  

Congratulations to the Cobb Schools Foundation IMPACT Grant Recipients: 

School  Teacher  Foundation Partner  IMPACT Grant Title  Amount 
McCall Primary School  Erin Moore  Gas South  Student Sensory Space  $2,275.39 
McCall Primary School  Melissa Ursey  Atlanta Braves  Change Your Words Change Your Mind Part Two  $2,043.99 
Bullard Elementary School  Kendra Berry  Cobb Schools Foundation  Happiness is In the Harvest  $582.00 
Palmer Middle School  Tami McIntire, Christie Dubvanevich, Elizabeth Crumpton  Cobb Schools Foundation  Around the World in 178 Days  $1,399.30 
Campbell Middle School  Cinde Valencia   Atlanta Braves  Get Growing!  $1,400.00 
Fair Oaks Elementary School  Ashley Dihigo  Cobb Schools Foundation  Exploring the Globe Without Taking a Step  $2,500.00 
Dowell Elementary School  Wendy Astin  Atlanta Braves  STEM/Coding Buddies  $1,629.00 
Clarkdale Elementary School  Felicia Hill  Gas South  Project Photographs and Proficiencies  $950.97 
Argyle Elementary School  Roshanda Wilson  Gas South  Diverse Books for Diverse Learners  $800.00 
Bryant Elementary School  Kathy O’Rourke  Atlanta Braves  Reading for Success in Read 180  $600.00 
Bryant Elementary School  Palmetta Hodges  Cobb Schools Foundation  Building Character /Leadership through Behavior Self-Regulation  $1,075.11 
Floyd Middle School  Christine Gay  Atlanta Braves  School Sustainable Organic Garden Project  $1,234.74 
Lewis Elementary School  Kimberly Pair  Atlanta Braves  Stem & Sensory Centers for Special Needs  $240.00 
East Side Elementary School  Maria Larsson  Atlanta Braves  The Culture of Kindness  $257.00 
Norton Park Elementary School  Gretchen Ayres  Gas South  STEM Innovation: One Classroom at a Time  $907.69 
King Springs Elementary School  Chelsea Whitesell  Atlanta Braves  Coding Across the Curriculum  $2,398.00 
Pebblebrook High School  Dawn Whipple  Cobb Schools Foundation  Keeping it Real: Embracing Virtual Reality Experiences to Increase Student Engagement in Reading and Writing  $2,500.00 
Harmony Leland Elementary School  Sondra Briggs  Cobb Schools Foundation  Language Accessibility 2.0  $1,990.00