Cobb EMC Awards More Than $15,000 in Grants to Cobb Teachers 

The community’s support of schools in the Cobb County School District helps boost student success, often times by giving teachers the opportunity to implement innovative programs in the classroom that boost student engagement and learning. 

In addition to the grants that Cobb teachers recently received from the Cobb Schools Foundation and its community partners, Cobb EMC also recently awarded more than $15,000 in mini-grants to teachers throughout Cobb.  

The mini-grant for Kell High School will help the school achieve STEM certification. Palmer Middle School will use their grant to help connect vocabulary to geometry while Dowell Elementary School will use the school’s Cobb EMC mini-grant for a Maker Space makeover. In all, Cobb EMC awarded 36 mini-grants to Cobb schools across all levels. 

Congratulations to the Cobb EMC mini-grant recipients! To learn how to support student success through the Cobb Schools Foundation, visit here 


Allatoona High School  Wood Working Program  $500  
Kell High School  STEM Certification  $500  
McEachern High School  Pick It Up Powder Springs  $500  
Sprayberry High School  Academic Signing Day  $500  
Sprayberry High School  Chibironics Classroom Coding  $455  
Barber Middle School  Calculators for Kids  TBD 
Big Shanty Intermediate  Camp Collaboration  $500  
Dickerson Middle School  Webgenda  $500  
Floyd Middle School  Maintaining a Sustainable School Garden  $450  
Lost Mountain Middle School  LMMS Eagle Entrepreneurial Extravaganza  $492  
Lovinggood Middle School  360 (VPNS) Classroom  $400  
McCleskey Middle School  Create a “Steamy” School!  $484  
McClure Middle School  PE Field Storage Shed Restoration  $500  
Palmer Middle School  Connecting Vocabulary to Geometry  $500  
Smitha Middle School  It’s Complicated, But I need to Know…  $305  
Smitha Middle School  Headsets for Math Extensions  $385  
Simpson Middle School  STEAM Fossils  $405  
Lindley Middle School  EV3 MindStorm Robot  $500  
Big Shanty Intermediate  Camp Collaboration  $500  
Baker Elementary  Citizen Mars  $490  
Birney Elementary  Uke Can Do It  $450  
Birney Elementary  Arts and Innovation Lab  $500  
Brumby Elementary  Students typing abilities are being hindered  $470  
Dowell Elementary  Bringing History to Life through Literature  $490  
Dowell Elementary  Maker Space Make Over  $500  
Dowell Elementary  Kelso’s Choice Conflict Management Program  $440  
Eastvalley Elementary  Ipads  $490  
Kemp Elementary  Writing Strategy Initative  $470  
Kincaid Elementary  Titles to Encourage Student Choice and Voice  $500  
King Springs Elementary  Coding our Future  $490  
Nicholson Elementary  STAR Boutique  $455  
Pitner Elementary  Green Screen in STEM Lab  $500  
Russell Elementary  Access for All Sensory Garden  $400  
Still Elementary  Ozobots and Osmo  $500  
Varner Elementary  Getting Robots into the Hands of Our Students  $450