Cobb Schools to Collect Donations for The Center for Children & Young Adults 

The Center for Children & Young Adults helps provide a safe and nurturing environment for those students who are experiencing homelessness.  

The organization provides for the needs of the students outside of the classroom so they can excel inside the classroom. That’s why Superintendent Chris Ragsdale is encouraging schools across the Cobb County School District to collect at least two crates of laundry detergent and toiletries during the month of February to donate to the Center for Children & Young Adults.  

“In Cobb, we are focused on helping each and every student succeed in school and life. It’s through the support of organizations like The Center for Children & Young Adults that we can help care for our students’ basic needs like food, clothing, and a place to call home. Whether a teacher, parent, or student, we are all a family in Cobb, and we take care of each other.” 

To learn more about The Center for Children & Young Adults, visit here