Hayes Elementary School Custodian Turns Hero 

It’s true that not all heroes wear capes, but Hayes Elementary School’s Rodney Echols definitely deserves the hero title. 

For 26 years, Echols has served the students and staff as the custodian at Hayes Elementary. In total, he has worked in the Cobb County School District for more than three decades. The first day of March was like most other days for the head custodian until he saw a student in distress. 

Third-grader Nylla, who was eating lunch in the cafeteria, started choking and Echols rushed over to perform the Heimlich Maneuver to remove the blockage.  

Afterward, as school nurse Sue Ann Wilson checked Nylla over in the clinic to make sure she was okay, Nylla shared the story of how the Hayes custodian had come to her rescue.  

To celebrate “Mr. Rodney” for his heroic actions, everyone stood up and cheered for him as he walked through the halls at the end of the day.  

Take a moment and thank the heroes at your school.