North Cobb High Teacher Wins National CMA Foundation Music Teachers of Excellence Award 

The CMA Foundation, a national music education nonprofit and the philanthropic arm of the Country Music Associationonly selects 10 teachers from outside of Tennessee for the Music Teachers of Excellence Awards. North Cobb High School band director Sheldon Frazier is among the elite group for 2019. 

At the awards show hosted by CMA Awards winner Dierks Bently on April 30 in Nashville, Frazier will be recognized for his dedication to bringing a high-quality music program to his North Cobb students and the overall impact that he has had on his school community through music.  

In addition to the 10 national award recipients, the CMA Foundation also will also honor 10 music educators from districts across the state of Tennessee and 10 from Metro Nashville Public Schools. In total, the CMA Foundation presents 30 teachers with the Music Teachers of Excellence Award. North Cobb’s Sheldon Frazier is one of the three music teacher recipients from Georgia. 

 “These teachers have gone above and beyond in their classrooms to really bring music to life and their commitment and determination has not gone unnoticed,” said Bentley. “As a parent, I have seen first-hand the importance of music in my children’s lives and its importance in school programs. Every child deserves the chance to feel the power of music and it’s not possible without supporting these teachers.” 

The CMA Foundation created its Music Teachers of Excellence program in 2016 in an effort to recognize those who are having the greatest impact on their students, using music as a vehicle for change. Along with a night of celebration, the CMA Foundation will invest $2,500 into each teacher’s music program to help drive their commitment to high-quality music for all children forward. Additionally, each winner will receive a $2,500 gift to use for whatever they’d like, with past winners using their award earnings for down payments, continuing education, to record their own music, and more. 

“Music education has proven to be an effective and invaluable tool for academic achievement and social development, yet we consistently hear that programs are not properly supported,” said Tiffany Kerns, CMA Foundation Executive Director. “Each year, when we recognize the tremendous group of music educators through our Music Teachers of Excellence program, it allows us to give back to those who have dedicated their lives to serving our next generation. These educators, who spend countless hours in the classroom, are helping to shape creative, collaborative, future leaders through the power of music.”