Cobb Schools to Release New Safety Training Videos for Students 

As part of the Cobb County School District’s ongoing campaign to keep students safe, Cobb Schools plan to release two newly-created safety training videos designed specifically for students. 

Starting in April, students will watch the age-appropriate version of the school safety video titled “We Keep Each Other Safe.” The district plans for schools to screen the videos for their students again at the start of every school year to help familiarize students with their role and responsibilities during a school crisis. 

“Our number one goal is to keep students and staff safe. Teachers, staff, and students, we all have a role in keeping each other safe, and these videos will help students understand their crucial role in an emergency—listen to your teachers,” said Cobb Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. 

In 2016, Cobb Schools produced an award-winning active shooter training video to better prepare staff on how to react during a code red alertThe new student safety videos were created to educate students on what they should do during drills and ultimately how to stay safe during a school lockdown.   

The video created for middle school and high school students incorporates visual components of the original staff training video along with advice from students themselves about what to do during a code red lockdown—what you do matters. The other video is tailored to elementary-age children and focuses on the importance of students listening to their teachers and always following directions.   

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