March 25 – 29, 2019: Celebrate Public Schools Week!

Our nation’s public school systems have become an integral part of our culture and our society.

The vast majority of America’s children are educated through public schools and each year millions of our students take their place in the wider world.

Join us in celebrating Public Schools this week:

Public Schools Week 2019 celebrates our nation’s public schools, our students and the many school professionals who work to help students achieve their greatest potential.

A broad group of educators—representing 10 million administrators, teachers, specialists, teacher educators and school board members—will mark the week with events and outreach to their communities.

In Washington, a bipartisan group of lawmakers will speak on the importance of a strong public education system for our country’s future economic strength.

Take the time this week to thank your local teachers, administrators, and public school staff for all of their hard work.