Thanks to Community Donation, Cobb Schools Social Worker Helps Family in Need 

When social worker Bethany Miller at McClure Middle School learned that there was a single mother of five who didn’t have a working car, she set to work to find help for the mother in need. 

Miller coordinated with AutoGift to help the Kennesaw mom get back on the road again. The mission of AutoGift, a non-profit organization, is to give single mothers with minor children who have no access to a car, the gift of a safe, reliable, debt-free automobile as a resource to be used to enhance their quality of life. 

Not only will the donated car help the mom get to work and enable the two older children to get their own part-time jobs, the mom will now be able to take her kids to doctor appointments, move out of an extended stay motel, and reconnect with their support network within their church, and help their disabled grandmother. 

When the mom learned that she would be getting reliable transportation again, she said, “I’m so excited and, beyond grateful! I’m crying happy tears!” 

The CCSD School Social Work department is always providing some level of donations for families to increase stability with items such as beds, furniture, clothing, food, eyeglasses, medical prescriptions and even pest control, new carpet, and appliances! Social work efforts are limitless in trying to find anything needed by families in order to remove barriers for the student to consistently attend and participate in their academics,” the McClure social worker explained.