Walton High School Wins 1st Place in State Inventure Prize Competition 

In May, a team of Walton High School students is headed to the National Invention Convention in Detroit, Michigan. The Walton students recently won first place in the high school division of the Georgia Tech K-12 Inventure Prize competition, which earned them a spot at the national event.  

The Walton team also took up the IronCAD Award for the best CAD model and their teacher, Ann Baxley, earned the title of Top Teacher at the state competition. For their work, the students were awarded pro bono patent search services and a potential patent application for their invention the Quic Cric. 

The 2019 champion Walton team includes the following students: Rishab Rao VeldurEric Simon, and Katherine McNeice. 

This is the third out of the past four years that a Walton team has won first place at the state competition and that Baxley took home the title of Top Teacher. Three years ago, the Walton team also won third place High School Team at the National Invention Convention, and last year Walton students won the Top Engineering Award in the nation. Because of their success at the state Inventure event, East Side Elementary School and Cheatham Hill Elementary School is also headed to the national competition.