Walton High School Student Launches Chemistry Program for Powers Ferry Elementary Students 

Walton High School sophomore Megan Chang grabbed the students’ attention and dazzled their taste buds when she helped the Powers Ferry Elementary School students make ice cream. She wowed the students with her next experiment where colorful foam flowed out the top of a water bottle due to a chemical reaction. The students wrapped up their after-school chemistry lesson with a hands-on activity making a kids favorite-slime. 

“When I was a kid, I had opportunities to do chemistry experiments,” Megan explained. [The Powers Ferry] students may not have the same opportunities, but I can bring it to them with the science grant that I got from the American Chemistry Society. 

The Powers Ferry event is one of two STEM educational community outreach events Megan organized. Both were sponsored by a $1,000 grant from the American Chemical Society Georgia Chapter. Due to the success of the project thus far, the ACS is extending the grant for a second year. 

Megan recruited fellow Walton students to help her with her Chem4Kids days at Powers Ferry. She created the program as part of Georgia’s Student Advisory Council. Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods encouraged each member of his advisory council to create and lead a service project to benefit students in their community. 

Superintendent Woods visited Powers Ferry to participate in Megan’s engaging chemistry lessons and inspire the students to stay focused on their future. 

“I came here to encourage you to keep learning because you have great opportunities. One day you are going to get a job, and most of the jobs you will probably have will involve science, math, or both,” Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods told the Powers Ferry students.