Cobb Schools Nurse Sharon O’Grady Named One of Top 10 Nurses in Georgia 

Out of the more than 900 nurses who were nominated for making a difference, Cobb Schools nurse Sharon O’Grady was selected as one of Georgia’s top 10 nurses who earned an AJC Jobs Nursing Excellence Award. The Cobb special education nurse was recognized as an extraordinary nursing professional who is dedicated to saving lives. 

O’Grady, who has served students in the Cobb County School District for a decade, provides support to 50 to 60 students every year. She provides care to students with seizures, diabetes, anaphylaxis allergies, and more severe medical conditions. 

Her job as a school nurse isn’t band-aids and ice packs. She sometimes performs medical procedures like urinary catheterizations, tube feedings, and colostomy bag changes. 

If her work with students wasn’t enough to earn her the title as one of the top nurses in Georgia, O’Grady also helped save the life of a stranger when she signed up to donate a kidney. The AJC explained more about what makes O’Grady stand out in this Nursing in Excellence Awards spotlight piece.   

O’Grady was the only school nurse to earn the elite recognition this year, but she is not the only Cobb Schools nurse to have ever won the award. Cobb Schools Special Education Nurse Cheryl Wagnonwon the award in 2017. 

Wagon and O’Grady are examples of hero nurses in the Cobb County School District. Learn more about how Cobb nurses save lives one day at a time.