Cobb Selects Naviance to Increase Access, Equity, and Strength of County’s College and Career Readiness Programming

Hobsons, the education technology leader, and the company behind Naviance, recently announced that the Cobb County School District, the second-largest school system in the state of Georgia, has selected Naviance as its exclusive provider of college, career, and life readiness (CCLR) solutions.

“We are delighted to partner with Cobb in using the CCLR framework to provide all students with the support they need on their journey to finding their best path after high school,” said Monica Morrell, General Manager of Naviance.

Cobb has worked with other college and career planning solutions but decided to fully implement on Naviance across the district. Naviance will be available to all middle and high school students in the Cobb County School District starting in the fall of 2019.

The Cobb Schools Student Assistance Program, the group responsible for the district’s school counseling, psychological, and positive school culture support services, chose the new system to help increase student success.

“Regardless of zip code, school or family resources, we owe it to our students to provide them with every opportunity possible to create a successful future,” said Dr. Melisa Marsh, CCSD supervisor of school counseling. “Implementing Naviance across all the middle and high schools enables our students to identify and achieve their post-secondary goals. Whether they are planning to attend institutions of higher education, join the military, or enter the workforce, we want to aid all students in preparing for their journey after leaving our schools.”

One of the largest school districts in the country, Cobb serves over 112,000 students across 114 schools. The district joins DeKalb County School District, Fayette County Public Schools, Bibb County School District and Pike County School District as the fifth school system in Georgia to partner with Naviance.

Naviance is the most widely adopted CCLR platform in the country, with over 13 million students in 14,000 schools across the United States using its technology. Naviance offers a holistic CCLR solution for students, staff, and administration that delivers measurable improvements in student outcomes.