Cobb Schools Graduates Return to Elementary Schools to Say Thank You  

Prior to walking across the stage and turning their tassels at their graduations, seniors across the Cobb County School District returned to where it all started—their elementary schools. 

They returned in cap and gown. They hugged, chatted and said thank you to their teachers who helped to cement the foundation of their success.  

Younger versions of themselves lined the school hallways as the graduates proudly walked the halls. The elementary students looked on with awe, smiles, and cheers. Some of the graduates were their brothers or sisters, and others were just the young students role models that they didn’t know they needed. The graduates were the reflections of success that one day the elementary students will achieve.  

One of the schools where students returned was Mountain View Elementary School. 

It felt really nice to come back and to talk to the teachers who taught me,” said Lassiter High School graduate Grayson Flatt. It was nice to see how far we have come from elementary school all the way to graduating high school.” 

When the Mountain View alum were in elementary school, they were in the old school building. So, some of the graduates may have never seen the new Ed-SPLOST funded school building, which opened in 2017.  

“The old Mountain View was my home,” said Payton Benoit, Pope High School Class of 2019. It is where I grew up and where I made my first memories. Coming to a new [building], it’s a different home, but it is still home.”