New Principal Profile Q&A: Nathan Stark, Kennesaw Mountain High School

Question: Why are you excited about being principal of Kennesaw Mountain High School?
Answer: “I’ve been at Kennesaw Mountain High School for four years as an assistant principal. I’m really excited to step into the role as principal. It is a great school that has a lot going on. It has great community support and the kids do amazing things at the school.”

Question: What does student success look like to you?
Answer: “Student success is a lot of things. Obviously, we want students to be successful in the classroom and reach their goals. There are also a lot of things outside of the classroom—arts, athletics, that community service piece, and leadership—which combine with the students meeting their goals in the classroom to demonstrate student success.”

Question: Where might the community see you on the weekend?
Answer: “I’m a big sports fan. I love watching all kinds of different sports and getting involved that way. I have young ones, eight, seven, and four. So, we are out a lot on weekends participating in different athletic events. I have a very supportive family that encourages me. I look for opportunities to care for the students in my school like I care for my own family.”

Question: What else might the Kennesaw Mountain community not know about you?
Answer: “I started as a computer engineer student at the Georgia Institute of Technology for my undergrad but decided to switch and go into education. I’m finishing up my 17th year in Cobb. I worked 10 years as a math teacher, and this is my seventh year as an assistant principal. I’m also a Cobb graduate—Wheeler High School Class of 1997.”