Cobb Schools Special Student Services Helps Train Cobb Aquatics Department Staff  

To help staff members understand how to best support students with disabilities during aquatic lessons and events, Cobb County School District staff members conducted a recent training event for Cobb Aquatics staff. 

The training grew out of a three-year partnership with the Cobb County Safety Village, which has included a yearly training for instructors and officers working with students with disabilities. During a parent event at the Safety Village, parents expressed concern regarding water safety instruction for students with disabilities. Because of the success of Cobb Schools educators training Safety Village staff, Cobb Aquatics also turned to the Cobb Schools for support for training.  

Karen, Cobb Schools Intellectual Disabilities Program Specialist, and Shari McCrary, Intellectual Disabilities Program Supervisor for Special Student Services, held a two-hour training with the Aquatic managers and site coordinators on characteristics and strategies to best address the needs of Cobb students with disabilities. Afterward, the Cobb Special Student Services team held another training at Seven Springs Water Park for additional aquatic staff at the Aquatic Summer Orientation event, which included lifeguards, swim instructors, and managers.