Dodgen Middle School Students Experiment with STEAM Day, Pack 3,000 Lunches for MUST Ministries 

During the last few days of the school year, Dodgen Middle School students continued to focus on their studies. 

The students rotated through three different STEAM events. They worked together to complete a building challenge by using 30,000 toothpicks and 17,500 pool noodle rings to construct floating castles. They also painted 1,300 river rocks for future school garden coming in Fall 2019. 

Next, the Dodgen students packed 3,000 lunches for MUST Ministries to benefit those in need. 

So, 30,000 toothpicks, 17,500 pool noodle rings, 1,300 river rocks, and 3,000 lunches packed, all in one day! That’s how Dodgen finished the 2018-2019 school year.