Cobb County Police, Firefighters Team Up with Dowell Elementary Special Needs Students for Game of Kickball 

It has become an annual event that Dowell Elementary School special needs students, Cobb County Police, and Cobb County Firefighters look forward to every year. 

It is a time to build relationships, make new friends, visit with old friends, and celebrate the end of another school year.  

It is a time when the Dowell teachers and parents get to stand back and watch their students laugh and smile as they race around the bases and chat with the Cobb first responders.  

A parent of a Dowell student with special needs put the yearly kickball game in motion a few years back.  

“She decided that the community needed to come together, along with the police and fireman, to show these kids that they are a part of the community,” said Dowell Focus teacher Deanna Shelow  

Dowell EBD teacher Trina Robinson smiled as she watched her students interact with the police and firefighters and praised the event as an excellent example of community involvement. Dowell PTA secretary Myesha Davis echoed Robinson’s praise 

It shows that [the Cobb Police and firefighters] support our children in the community. I think the officers like being out there. The kids are wearing them out, and I love it,” said Davis, who also serves as a counselor at Hillgrove High School. It is a great way to end the school year!” 

The First Responders Love the Event

It’s obvious that the students enjoy kicking the ball and racing toward the home base, but the event puts smiles on the faces of the first responders too.  

“Usually we come out with officers from all over the county and firemen from the station that is close by. They love it! I have people who volunteer every year,” said Cobb County Police Capt. Robert Fisher. 

The Cobb County Police captain credits the event with giving his officers and the other first responders an opportunity to help the students feel more comfortable interacting with them, which will be beneficial should the students ever need help.  

“The kids are excited that they can associate with the policemen and firemen in a positive way,” added Shelow. It impacts our students positively.”