Brumby Elementary School Launches First Dual Interactive Playground 

Imagine a PE class that is an extension of what students are learning in their classrooms.  

Imagine a PE class that drills students on math facts, gems, minerals, and problem-solving all while boosting their cardio.  

Imagine a PE class that may soon be capable of connecting students with their peers around the world. 

Students at Brumby Elementary School don’t have to imagine it. For Brumby students, that PE class is their reality. Brumby recently launched the first dual interactive playground. The LÜ DUO Interactive Playground uses lights, sounds, and video to transform gyms, like the one at Brumby, into an engaging, immersive video game. 

When the Cobb school flipped the switch on the new system, Brumby was the only school in Georgia with dual screens, which enable more multiplayer gameplay in larger spaces. The DUO system is another addition to Brumby’s new state-of-the-art school building that opened in August 2018, thanks to voter-approved Ed-SPLOST funds. 

The interactive playground is a smart space that understands in real-time the behaviors and interactions of the students using it. Based on the information coming from ceiling mounted 3D cameras, the playground drives games and tools projected on the wall. Synchronized lighting and sound effects are also integrated for a better immersion, in real-time. 

Before school let out for the summer, Brumby Elementary staff and students demonstrated the way the interactive playground is reshaping PE and enabling them to continue their focus on academics while stimulating their mind with a cardio workout.  

 “The math game is really fun. It is educational,” said Brumby first-grader Ivie  

The Brumby students formed teams and raced against the clock answering math problems with a throw of a ball. The kids jumped up and down and cheered for their classmates, helping their friends solve problems. The kids were playing and may not have even realized that they were learning too, but their teachers noticed. 

After the students put down their balls and headed back to class, some of the visiting educators stepped up to test out the new system. 

“I think it would be a great addition to our gym. The students are super engaged in a variety of activities. It makes exercise fun and reinforces certain content that they learned in the classroom, said Jeff Gaskins, PE teacher at Acworth Elementary School.  

Because of the success of the interactive playground at incorporating academics, the Brumby gym and the oversized iPad-like projection screens will be available for teachers to use outside of PE.  

More PE teachers around Cobb may be dropping in over the summer to watch Brumby’s new interactive playground in action.