Pebblebrook High School Students Turn into Teachers for Final Days of School Year 

When you walked into one of the science classrooms at Pebblebrook High School during the last few days of the school year, it was like stepping into one of the biology kingdoms. You could see, hear, and smell what it was like to be in the Animalia Kingdom, Plantae Kingdom, or the Bacteria Kingdom.  

The Biology Kingdom Museum Experience was part of an end-of-the-year project-based learning activity. Each classroom represented a different kingdom and the Pebblebrook students were the curators of the exhibits. 

Students must master several standards before they take the Biology End-of-Course assessment. After proving their knowledge on the test, the Pebblebrook students wanted to show their teachers and the school community what they learned. 

The Biology Museum illustrated how the students learned the biology standard on the interacting systems within single-celled and multi-celled organisms.  

In this unit of study, the Pebblebrook students were the teachers, and they were able to teach about the different Kingdoms that they researched during the final Biology unit of study,” said Pebblebrook Assistant Principal Deanna Munlin.