Cobb Schools Hosts Tech Conference for Hundreds of Educators

Smart boards, laptops, and tablets have transformed classrooms into digital learning environments. To help Cobb teachers and leaders leverage the technology to help students succeed, the Cobb County School District recently held the second annual Cobb InTech Conference at East Cobb Middle School.   

Instead of lounging by the pool or just sleeping in late, about 350 Cobb educators took time out of their summer vacation to learn how best to incorporate technology into their schools and classrooms.  

Throughout the day, the educators chose from a host of technology-focused classes. The teachers could learn how to unleash the creative potential in every student through photography, video, music, and drawing. They could jot down ideas on how to incorporate coding and bots in music. They could also gain insight into how to use Office 365 to enhance collaboration in the classroom and assess student learning.  

Thanks to the InTech sessions, teachers will be able to guide students as they create iMovies on iPads to master core standards for science and math. Students will be able to show a deeper understanding of what they have learned through the creation of apps like Flipgrid, Popplet, and Flick. 

“All of my sessions were great! I will definitely use the new tools from Microsoft (inclusive math and immersive reader),” one of the educators praised. “I will also implement escape the room and Minecraft into my class instruction. I liked how the conference gave me the opportunity to expand on tools I am already using in the classroom under the Microsoft platform.” 

Whether it was through Skype, Minecraft, Google Earth, or another application, teachers learned how to engage students and prepare 21st century learners by uniting meaningful technology with educational standards.  

Educators Praise Conference, Encourage More to Attend Next Year

“Honestly, this conference was exceptional, and I highly recommend it to every teacher in Cobb who is looking to enhance their practice,” another attendee said.  

Almost a 100% of the attendees surveyed said they would recommend the conference to another educator. In fact, some want to see the conference grow. 

“My suggestion is to do it even bigger next year! I hope our eight [people] who attended tell at least eight more [people] to come next year,” an educator encouraged.  

This year’s conference was double the size of the prior year. The conference was also open to educators in the neighboring districts.  

Director of Instructional Technology Cristin Kennedy, whose team organized the conference, said she wasn’t aware of any metro area school district that offered educators a similar technology conference of the scale of Cobb InTech. 

“This is a FREE conference open to all Cobb County employees. We have different interest strands offered so that leaders and teachers can benefit from attending the conference,” Kennedy added. “The presenters for the conference are either highly-skilled strategic partner presenters or Cobb teachers and leaders. So, participants received high quality, hands-on, real world ideas and best practices that can easily be implemented into any classroom.   

The comment by one of the attending educators summed up the conference:   

“This was perfect! You all thought of everything. I was engaged from beginning to end!  

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