Cobb Schools Wins Georgia’s Top Transportation Safety Award

To emphasize the importance of safe school buses and recognize pupil transportation professionals, State School Superintendent Richard Woods recently announced the winners of the Georgia Department of Education’s second annual Pupil Transportation Safety Awards. The Cobb County School District was one of the 16 Georgia school systems recognized for going above and beyond to ensure safe and efficient student transportation.  

Blue Bird, Georgia’s school bus manufacturer, and Yancey Bus Sales & Service sponsored the award.

“Our pupil transportation professionals are entrusted with precious cargo and work incredibly hard each day to make sure Georgia’s students arrive at school safe and ready to learn,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “These sixteen districts are going above and beyond to ensure student safety and recognize the school bus as an extension of the overall climate and culture of a school. I thank them for their efforts and commend them for their work.”   

Cobb Transportation Praised for Recruitment, Safety Initiatives

Cobb’s Transportation Department earned a Blue Award for Georgia’s Division 8. The state applauded Cobb for offering employees a $200 referral stipend for drivers and $100 referral stipend for monitors for candidates who successfully complete training.  

To retain personnel, Cobb Schools pays trainees while they are in class and offers a $200-per-semester stipend for perfect attendance. Some of Cobb’s longest-serving employees are bus drivers. (Find out here how to become a bus driver in Cobb.) 

For the Transportation award, the GADOE also praised Cobb for creating student rider lists with photos of each student to support new drivers and substitute drivers. To focus on safety, the district uses the S.O.A.R. program with an emphasis on loading and unloading. 

“The Blue Ribbon of Excellence Award is presented to the transportation department with a high-level commitment to student safety and behavioral management, community outreach, training, fleet maintenance, and administrative leadership,” championed Rick Grisham, Cobb Schools Executive Director of Transportation. “This is a very prestigious accomplishment, and our whole team made it happen. One Team One Goal Student Success!” 

In March, Cobb Schools Transportation Department rolled out the new “Here Comes the Bus” app so parents can track their child’s bus in real-time on a map.   

The Cobb Schools Transportation Department transports more than 70,000 students via about 1,000 school buses every day—That’s more than MARTA. Now, every Cobb parent will know exactly where the specific bus carrying their child is at on the route to and from school.  

In this audio podcast, Cobb Schools’ Executive Director of Transportation explains more about how the powerful new tool helps keep students’ commutes safe.