New Principal Profile Q&A: William Dryden, Frey Elementary School

Question: Why are you excited about joining the Frey community?  

Answer: Frey has a well-established tradition of excellence in academics as developed through an outstanding faculty and staff, and from a robust involvement of parents and the local business community. I’m ready to join the team and do my part! I’ve had many positive and impactful experiences during the past 9 years with the district. I look forward to adding this new adventure to the list, spending as much time as possible in classrooms interacting with students, staff, and faculty, and collaborating on ways to continue providing opportunities for even greater success.  

Question: What does student success look like for you?  

Answer: As a husband, stepfather, educator, and administrator, I often spend time reflecting and comparing my experiences in grade school, military tech schools, and college with my approach to today’s learning process and how important it is to meet students where they are. Through these observations, I believe that success begins with a safe and sound learning environment equipped with ample resources and highly-qualified staff and faculty. This structure provides students with the ability to acquire knowledge, pursue their interests, and adapt to what life might bring their way.  

Question: What do you like most about being an educator/principal?  

Answer: I am entering the 18th year of my career, and I’ve had the opportunity to teach all grade levels in both public and private school settings. I enjoy interacting with students more than anything. An effective learning environment is fun and exciting and brimming with opportunity. It brings me joy to observe the “ah-ha” moments and to watch a student persevere and overcome challenges, and I take great pride in being a part of this process.  

Question: Outside school, where might students, parents or staff members run into you 

Answer: I have a blessed and full life for which I am very grateful. Off-campus, you will find me traveling and spending time with my wife, two stepsons, and our two dogs. With rising 8th and 4th graders we have a busy academic, sport, and activity schedule as one can imagine. Additionally, you’ll find me in my workshop turning bowls on my lathe, playing banjo in the local bluegrass community, and on a mountain bike riding the local trails.