Cobb Schools Millage Rate Hasn’t Risen In Almost 20 Years

After holding three public hearings, the Cobb County School District Board of Education voted to maintain the general fund millage rate of 18.90 mills.

Cobb Schools has not raised the millage rate in almost two decades. In 2002, the millage rate increased from 17.55 to 19.00. The Board voted to lower the millage rate to 18.90 mills more than a decade ago.

The decision to maintain a steady millage rate is an important one which, in the words of Superintendent Ragsdale, “Reflects the priority this Board has placed on being fiscally responsible with the tax payers dollar for almost 20 years. Cobb continues to be one of the highest performing districts in the state while being funded less than almost all of the other metropolitan districts.”

Board member Brad Wheeler echoed much of the same, “We know how important the school district is to this community and we continue to be both responsible with the dollar while making sure the school district has the resources it needs to be successful.”

The District continues to maintain a AAA credit-rating and has no debt, one of the few districts in the country who can make that claim.

BOE Discusses Promising Future of Cobb Schools Foundation

For two decades, the Cobb Schools Foundation has helped rally community support to enhance the educational experience in Cobb Schools. Over the last 20 years, the Cobb Schools Foundation has awarded tens of thousands in scholarships to graduating seniors and almost $100,000 in Teacher IMPACT grants in just the last three years. The Foundation has also provided after-school scholarships for hundreds of Cobb elementary students.

Now, the Foundation leaders plan to do more to serve Cobb students and teachers throughout the school district.

As discussed during Thursday’s Board meeting, the upcoming school year is going to be centered around setting the priorities for the Foundation, which will focus on aligning the Foundation’s goals with the District priorities, enhancing the Partners in Education program with the Chamber of Commerce, and establishing a philanthropic incubator that is designed to impact the student learning experience.

“I’m excited for the future of the Cobb Schools Foundation, and the increased opportunities it will provide for community groups and individuals to come together and support Cobb’s One Team. One Goal. Student Success,” said Cobb Schools Superintendent Chris Ragsdale.

In other Board business, the BOE voted to award a contract for the secondary data center. The secondary data center will house critical hardware and software components that provide the district fault tolerance and daily business continuity. It will also serve as a ‘back-up’ to guard against the possibility of a catastrophic event at our primary data center. Some of the components include, but are not limited to: internet and intranet connectivity to and from all schools, critically redundant systems to continue daily functional operations including telephone (VoIP) communications. It also serves as a primary connection for all central offices so they can communicate with the rest of the District.

In addition to other Board agenda items, the Cobb BOE also confirmed the appointment of a new principal for South Cobb High School.

Personnel Changes:

·         Perry, Tommy J., Appointment to Principal, South Cobb High School from Assistant Principal, Dickerson Middle School effective July 19, 2019.