Cobb First in Metro in All Milestone Content Areas in All High School Grades; District also first in 75 out of 84 Subject Areas in Grades 3-8

Students in the Cobb County School District not only increased their scores on the Georgia Milestones in Spring 2019 and outpaced their peers across the state, Cobb students also outperformed their metro district peers including Atlanta Public Schools, DeKalb County Schools, Fulton County Schools, Gwinnett County Schools, and Marietta City. Cobb’s high school students received higher mean scores than their peers in all subject areas of Georgia Milestones, in all grade levels. When examining Georgia Milestones scores for elementary and middle school, Cobb’s 3rd through 8th grade students received higher mean scores in 75 of the 84 subject areas when compared to the same metro districts.

For the entire 2018-2019 school year and when reviewing both EOG (End-of-Grade) and EOC (End-of-Course) tests, 83.8% of Cobb’s students scored between levels 2-4. For the other metro districts, 81.9% of Gwinnett students, 78.5% of Fulton students, 77.9% of Marietta students, 65.1% of DeKalb students, and 64.6% of Atlanta students scored between levels 2-4.

“The Georgia Milestones scores confirm what the Cobb community already knows: Cobb is the best place to teach, lead, and learn. Cobb students continue to excel and outperform their peers because of the commitment of our teachers, staff, parents, and community members to deliver the highest level of success for each and every student,” praised Cobb Superintendent Chris Ragsdale.   

Cobb high school students exceeded Georgia by an astonishing 10.7 percentage points on the Milestones end-of-course tests. Continuing Cobb’s success on Georgia Milestones, Cobb elementary and middle school students outperformed their state peers by 7.1 percentage points on the Milestones end-of-grade tests. . 

Cobb students, who increased scores in all four subject areas, also bested their Georgia peers by 7.4 percentage points in English Language Arts, 7.9 points in math, 9.2 points in science, and 9.4 points in social studies.  

More than 82,600 Cobb students took 195,655 Milestone tests. On 84% of those tests, students scored Developing Learner (level 2) or higher. That is compared to the statewide test scores where only 76% were level 2 or higher.  

All public school students in Georgia take End of Grade tests in English Language Arts and math in grades 3 through 8. Students in grades 5 and 8 also take EOG tests in science and social studies. High school students take End of Course tests in eight courses in the areas of English Language arts, math, science, and social studies.

As a testament to the increased success in Cobb Schools, almost 90% of Cobb Schools improved their Georgia Milestones scores compared to three years ago. Milford Elementary School returned the best 1- and 3-year trends for the percentage of students who scored levels 2-4. Milford’s percentage jumped by a whopping 10.1 points over last year and 18 points over 3 years.  

“For the past three years at Milford, we have focused on teaching and learning while promoting a growth mindset. Our teachers are empowering students to believe that they can achieve at high levels, and our students are rising to the occasion,” explained Milford principal, Dr. Hermia Simmons-Deveaux.   

At 7.3 percentage points, Daniell Middle School returned the greatest middle school improvement. 

“Our success during the 2018-2019 school year is attributed to a single factor and that is our teachers. Their commitment to the Cobb Collaborative Communities and unyielding focus on instruction, coupled with district support has enabled our students to demonstrate significant growth on the Georgia Milestones. The tenacity of Daniell teachers and students have laid the foundation for future academic success,” said James Rawls, Daniell principal.  

Topping the list of the best 3-year trends, six Cobb schools saw the percentage of students who scored levels 2-4 increase by more than 10 points.   

As the highest performing schools, Timber Ridge Elementary SchoolMurdock Elementary School, and Dodgen Middle School students achieved levels 2-4 on at least 98% of test scores. 

Principal Lynn Hamblett said there are three reasons Murdock students succeed:  

  1. We have wonderful parents who give their children and the school their time, talent, and treasure.  
  2. Our students understand the value of education and come to Murdock ready to learn. 
  3. We have a very dedicated staff who truly love working with children and measures their success by the success of their children. 

“It is this winning combination and partnership that allows our students to perform at their highest levels,” Principal Hamblett added. 

Five schools scored in the 97% range: Mountain View Elementary SchoolDickerson Middle SchoolWalton High SchoolMount Bethel Elementary School, and Tritt Elementary School.  

Hightower Trail Middle School and Lassiter High School rounded the list of top 10 highest performing schools. Principals from both schools agree that their students’ success on the Georgia Milestones reflect the collaborative work of the entire school community. 

“Teacher collaboration and examination of individual students is the platform from which our Guiding Coalition addresses the personal growth potential for each student,” explained Hightower Trail Principal Laura Montgomery.  

Principal Dr. Chris Richie credited Lassiter teachers with providing the necessary support systems to help ensure all students at the school are successful.  

“Our students and parents are highly engaged in the learning process. Our teachers are truly dedicated professionals, and it’s truly rewarding for the entire Lassiter community to be recognized. This is something that we will celebrate as we start the school year,” said Dr. Richie. 

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