Board Members Welcome Students Back

Throughout the school year, members of the Cobb County School District Board of Education pop in and out of schools visiting with students, staff, and parents. They were there for the recent ceremonial groundbreaking of the new Harmony Leland and Clay Elementary Replacement School, high school graduations, surprise Teacher of the Year announcements, and many more. 

Two Cobb School board members also helped students and staff celebrate the first day of school on August 1.   

Board Member David Banks, Post 5, stepped into the shoes of the students in his district and hopped the bus for the first-day run. He caught the bus at Sedalia Park Elementary School. With veteran bus driver Claudette Petsch at the wheel, Mr. Banks rode the route welcoming students on the bus at each stop. After dropping off the elementary riders at school, Mr. Banks stayed on the bus to test out the route with the middle school and high school students in his area. 

“Riding the bus on the first day is something I look forward to every year,” Mr. Banks explained. “The students are excited about coming back to school, and I’m excited too. It is going to be another great year in the Cobb County School District.”  

Board Member Randy Scamihorn, Post 1, high-fived students at Baker Elementary School as they walked down the hall. He chatted with staff members and students throughout the school. As told by the photos, his visit definitely put smiles on their faces. 

“From the very first day of school, I want our students, staff members, and parents to feel welcomed, supported, and encouraged to continue Cobb’s legacy of student success,” Mr. Scamihorn said. “I’m looking forward to celebrating with them the milestones and achievements that the new school year will undoubtedly deliver.”