Cobb Schools: A Special Place

The Cobb County School District is a special place. The teachers, students, staff, and parents of this District are central to our county’s daily life and have been for over 100 years. Our community’s investment in our school District has led Cobb to be one of the best places to teach, lead, and learn in the country. We also know what makes Cobb “just better” is not only captured in test scores, scholarship totals, cutting-edge technology in the classroom, or world-class facilities.

We are proud that the numbers say this is one of the very best times to live, work, and play in Cobb County, in no small part because of our schools. And as we enter the 2019-2020 school year, we do know what makes our District “just better”.

First, our teachers.

The District’s highest priority is ensuring student success. Our excellent teachers have embraced this as their goal and our staff is committed to supporting them. In an effort to achieve this goal, we do all that we can to encourage, motivate, and support our teachers. Whether it is providing world-class facilities, always prioritizing teachers over programs, or historic raises that communicate how important they are – the District is consistently searching for new ways to support the heartbeat of our District, our teachers.

Secondly, our commitment to safety.

We strive to make our schools a safe place for all of our students to learn, live, and grow. We have undertaken dozens of initiatives to ensure the security of our schools and the safety of our students and staff. We use cutting edge technology coupled with experienced professionals to lead the way in school security. We believe that teachers and students who feel safe and secure will be more able to teach and learn.

Thirdly, our values.

We live in a committed community, where those who make Cobb home prioritize education. Our community knows our county will only be one of the best places to live, work, and play as long as our District remains one of the best places to teach, lead, and learn. We take this responsibility seriously and steward our community’s investment wisely. As one of the few AAA-rated school districts in the nation with no debt, we are able to make sure our community’s investment is placed directly in the classroom where it impacts our students and teachers.

Above all, our district is special because of our people. We have been very intentional about hiring the most talented, committed, and prepared professionals in the nation. All 18,000 Team members could not be more excited to be serving this community each and every day.

Our students, our teachers, our staff, and our community are what make the Cobb County School District such a special place to teach, lead, and learn. There is nowhere else like Cobb.