Cindy Wadsworth Named Cobb Schools Teacher of the Year

Kind, caring, funny, and “the best teacher ever”—those are the words students use to describe the 2019-2020 Cobb Schools Teacher of the Year, Cindy Wadsworth.  

During a Friday morning pep rally, Cobb Superintendent Chris Ragsdale returned to Kemp Elementary School to once again surprise Cindy Wadsworth. He first visited Kemp before school started to name her the Cobb Elementary Level Teacher of the Year, but this time the Superintendent was there to crown her the Cobb County School District Teacher of the Year.  

“Mrs. Wadsworth is a shining light to her students and a great example of why Cobb teachers are the best in the world! We are honored to give her the title of Teacher of the Year,” said Superintendent Ragsdale.  

One of Cindy Wadsworth’s former students congratulates her on being named the Cobb Schools Teacher of the Year.

It comes as no surprise to Mrs. Wadsworth’s former students that she was selected as the District’s top teacher.  

“She is a very kind and generous person. She has a really good heart and a great personality. She is the best teacher I have ever had,” explained Taylor, a Kemp fourth grader.  

Her former students made it clear that their third-grade teacher worked to make sure each and every student understood the lessons she taught.  

“Some people would not get a lesson, and she would teach them again. They would get it the next time,” added another Kemp fourth-grader Ryley.  

If given a choice, Ryley said he would choose future teachers just like Mrs. Wadsworth.  

According to fourth-grader Christopher, he was able to learn more in third grade because of the way Mrs. Wadsworth taught. She also helped him grow and “mature.” 

Christopher was not the only one. 

“In third grade, she was always encouraging me to try different and new things,” Taylor recounted. “That led me to do the science fair, and I won!” 

Her students, like Harper, know she cares about them.  

“Once when I was going through a rough time, she comforted me, and she told me it was going to be okay. She is really nice,” the fourth-grader shared.   

The Cobb Schools Teacher of the Year also knows how to have fun and inspire her students to win inside and outside the classroom. 

“She gets all fired up toward the end of the year because of tug-a-war at field day,” Christopher revealed. “She wants to win tug-a-war. She doesn’t like to lose. This is her 7th year in a row winning!” 

For the Cobb Teacher of the Year, teaching is a passion.  

“I love teaching younger children because I think if we can set children up to love to learn, we can get them enthusiastic about learning and then they are set for life,” said Mrs. Wadsworth. “If they can develop that fire and passion, it will stick with them and take them places. I think education is the key to taking away any barriers that may be there.” 

Mrs. Wadsworth, who has been teaching for more than two decades, is celebrating being named Cobb’s top teacher because it will give her an opportunity to talk about why she loves teaching. She is looking forward to sharing special things that have happened to her as a teacher and the rewarding experiences that teaching has provided.  

“It is giving me the opportunity to talk about what I love to do every day,” the Kemp third grade teacher added.  

She attributes some of the success she has with students at Kemp to the support she receives from her colleagues and the Cobb County School District as a whole.  

“I think Cobb is a great place because even though it is a really big district, it feels small in the way they give teachers a voice,” Mrs. Wadsworth explained. “They treat us like we are the experts who really know what’s best for students. They take our input. They work really closely with classroom teachers and principals to make sure what we feel is best for our students actually happens.” 

One way that Cobb Schools supports its teachers is with the community annual Teacher of the Year Pep Rally in October. Cobb’s Teacher of the Year, along with the Cobb Middle School and High School Level Teachers of the Year, will have the opportunity to reach into a bag to draw the key to a new car that they will drive free for a year thanks to Ed Voyles Automotive Group.  

Before the pep rally, Mrs. Wadsworth will cement her place in history during the annual Give Our Schools a Hand: Handprint Ceremony and Unveiling on Marietta Square October 8.   

After the community celebrations, Mrs. Wadsworth will have an opportunity to be crowned Georgia’s Teacher of the Year. If she wins, she gets to keep the car.  

“I wish her good luck in the state competition,” her former student Addison said. “I hope she wins!”