Attention Parents: Attend Dual Enrollment Summit to Learn How Your High Schooler Can Earn College-Credit

One Kennesaw Mountain High School student earned 60 college credit hours while also fulfilling requirements toward her 2019 high school graduation. That’s two years of college with 100 percent free tuition, including mandatory fees and books. 

A South Cobb High School student was looking at graduating in May with 71 college credit hours. He was on track to earn an Associate degree before the ink was dry on his high school diploma.  

Both students participated in Cobb Schools Dual Enrollment program, which is available to students throughout the district.  

Parents, students, and families are invited to learn more about Dual Enrollment opportunities and eligibility at the Cobb County School District Dual Enrollment Summit on September 4 at the Cobb Civic Center. Cobb Counselors will present informative sessions at 6:00-6:30 p.m. and 7:30-8:00 p.m.  

Colleges and universities will also be available to talk about the programs at their schools, including Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State University, Chattahoochee Technical College, Georgia State University, Young Harris College, Georgia Highlands College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Georgia Military College.  

“Dual Enrollment not only provides an opportunity for eligible students to be challenged with the rigor of a college-level course, but it also cuts the cost and time after high school graduation in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree,” said Cheryl Crooks, Cobb Schools Supervisor of Personalized Learning. “In addition, many students choose to build a career skill set in technology, business, computer science, public service, and healthcare while in high school.  This increases opportunities for employment with high wages as they are completing their educational goals.” 

Dual enrollment courses are held on college campuses, online, and even high school campuses, but they are all taught by college professors. Beyond core classes, students can explore a variety of career tracks. They also have the potential to earn certificates ranging from Cisco Network Specialist, Marketing Management, and Diesel Equipment Technology to Healthcare Assistant, Nursing Assistant, and Carpentry. 

Some students, like the one from South Cobb, may even earn an Associate degree or diploma, all while in high school. Participating universities in Georgia include the Technical College System of Georgia, University System of Georgia, and some eligible private colleges on 

“The vast array of career and college courses available with the Georgia Dual Enrollment program is expanding and is one of the most exciting opportunities available for Cobb high school students,” added Crooks, who is helping organize the information session for parents.   

Here’s What Cobb Students Say About Dual Enrollment: 

“I would undoubtedly recommend it to any student who wants to advance their education early on. I like the independence I have gained from coming to college full time, and I enjoy the challenge that comes with my commitment, but what I love the most about this program is the support I have received from my high school and college counselors.” –Bryce, McEachern High School 

“My favorite thing about [Dual Enrollment] is being able to take charge of my own education. I am studying subjects that I am passionate about, I am much more interested in the course material itself than I am in the grades I make. I don’t feel like I’m trudging through a list of requirements because I enjoy my coursework, and it’s freeing to be able to go about my education in that way. Both of my older sisters had done Dual Enrollment, and they both have saved a lot of time and money and been able to start graduate school and gain work experience earlier.” –Milan, Kennesaw Mountain High School graduate 

“Anyone who is considering Dual Enrollment should know how to schedule their time and know what their limit is. Dual Enrollment has advanced both my high school and college education far beyond what it would have been if I had stayed in just high school classes. I have learned skills in a career field I plan to pursue earlier.” –Michael, South Cobb High School graduate 

“For students interested in dual enrollment, the best advice I could give you is to make sure you have a method that allows you to learn the material in the best way possible, and to manage your time in order make sure you understand your material. Studying is very important, and it becomes easier the more you understand it, and always have some sort of contact with your classmates because you are much more responsible for your assignments than you were in high school; especially since there are no makeup days, or exemptions generally in college classes.” –Kiona, Kell High School 

“The Dual Enrollment program has allowed me to take the required classes needed to graduate for high school as well as get a head start on college classes that I would have had to take in the future. I would recommend Dual Enrollment to other students because they actually get to know what college professors are like, and it is also a great chance to make new friends!” –Nyah, Kennesaw Mountain High School graduate 

“Cobb’s Dual Enrollment program made the process incredibly easy. I didn’t have to jump through any hoops in order to take the classes I wanted to take, and all the facilitators were extremely friendly and flexible. Dual Enrollment is valuable not just for the classes themselves, but for the experience of taking real college classes. Having participated in dual enrollment, I feel far more prepared to head off to college.” –William, Walton High School graduate