Walton High School to Screen Film to Raise Awareness of How Anxiety Impacts Students, Provide Information to Help

Walton High School, in partnership with Axis Hope LLC, will host a special screening of the documentary Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety to start a dialogue between local families, community leaders, and mental health experts. The event on September 10 at 6 p.m. will feature a viewing of the 56-minute film, followed by an informative panel discussion led by Dr. Ganielle Hooper of Axis Hope and other mental health experts from the community. 

IndieFlix, an independent online streaming platform, is sparking a global conversation about anxiety as a result of screenings of the new “Angst” documentary. 

Through candid interviews, “Angst” utilizes the power of film to tell the stories of many kids and teens who discuss their anxiety and its impacts on their lives and relationships, as well as how they’ve found solutions and hope. The film also includes a special interview with Michael Phelps, a mental health advocate and one of the greatest athletes of all-time.  

In addition, the documentary provides discussions with mental health experts about the causes of anxiety and its sociological effects, along with the help, resources, and tools available to address the condition. 

According to Axis Hope, part of the beauty of this film is the openness of the children and young adults featured. For some of them, the “Angst” project marks the first time they are publicly sharing their experiences with anxiety. The film’s creators hope the candidness and bravery will inspire others to do the same. 

To learn more, view trailers, and reserve free tickets click here. Space is limited.