Cobb Schools Graduation Rate Increases AGAIN, Beats State and Metro

Thanks to the Cobb County Board of Education and Superintendent’s Ragsdale’s consistent leadership over the last 5 years, students in the Cobb County School District graduated at a higher rate than their peers across the state yet again. Cobb’s federally calculated graduation rate of 86.98%, which is a 1.8 percentage point increase from 2018, bests the state average by nearly 5 percentage points. 

Once again, this is the highest graduation rate for Cobb since the current method of measuring the graduation rate began in 2012. Cobb’s graduation rate surpasses most metro peers: (Cobb 87, Fulton 87.2, Gwinnett 80.9, Atlanta 78, DeKalb 73.4, Marietta 75.7). 

“Hard work from our teachers and principals over the last 5 years has led to a continued increase in the number of students who graduate on time in Cobb County.

Improving graduation rates doesn’t happen overnight, I appreciate the consistent vision of the Cobb County Board of Education which has allowed our school leaders to best support students”, said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale.

Four Cobb Schools posted graduation rates above 96%: Lassiter High School (97.4%), Harrison High School (97.2%), Walton High School (96.9%), and Pope High School (96.3%). Three additional Cobb Schools topped 90%: Hillgrove High School (93.6%); Allatoona High School 92.14%, and Kennesaw Mountain High School (90.7%) 

“Our graduation rate is a testament to our culture here at Harrison and the relationships that we have with our students. Our entire faculty and staff, as well as our parents, are all deeply committed to the well-being and academic success of every student. We are also thankful to our feeder schools who send us students who are well-prepared for the challenges of high school,” said Ashlynn Campbell, Harrison High School principal.  

At 9.4 percentage points, Wheeler High School’s graduation rate increased the most. The graduation rate for McEachern High School and Osborne High School rose by 5.7 percentage points. Kell High School was close behind with a 5.6 percentage point jump.  

When examining the scores since 2015, four schools have made dramatic gains: Sprayberry High School (17.5 points), Campbell High School (14.9 points), McEachern High School (12.5 points), and Osborne High School (9.8 points). 

“As principal of Osborne High School, I am very proud of our staff and students for the improvement in academic achievement, specifically the improved graduation rate from 2011’s 37% graduation rate to 2019’s 71.2% graduation rate. Further, we own a 97% graduation rate for students who attend Osborne High School for all 4 years,” said Principal Josh Morreale. 

Cobb Schools stand out when using the federally-mandated method for calculating the graduation rate, which includes all students enrolled at a school during a four-year period even those enrolled for a single day.  

However, when examining the graduation rate for those students who enrolled in a Cobb high school for at least two years, students have a higher rate of success. Cobb’s cohort graduation rate jumps by more than 5 percentage points. For those students who are enrolled in Cobb for all four years of high school, the rate leaps by more than 10 percentage points to 97.6. 

Lassiter High School, which had the highest rate using the federally-mandated method, has a 100% graduation rate when looking at students who attended all four years. In total, seven Cobb Schools finished with “real” graduation rates above 99%, and all 16 traditional high schools finished with a 4-year graduation rate above 92%.  

“Having students actively engaged in all aspects of their high school experience has tremendous benefits. Our students and staff set goals each semester, and our daily attention to focused learning brings success in the end. Our parents are supportive of Lassiter, and we have a community that believes that opportunities for success for ALL students extends well beyond high school graduation,” said Dr. Chris Richie, Lassiter High School principal.