Graduation Rate, Georgia Milestones AND Student Literacy—Cobb School Board Meeting Celebrates Student Successes

During the second board meeting of the 2019-2020 school year, the Cobb County School District Board of Education highlighted the success of the students across the county.  

Cobb students outperformed their metro district peers on the Georgia Milestones, which is a reason to celebrate. Cobb was first in the metro in all Milestones content areas in all high school grades and was also first in 75 out of 84 subject areas in grades 3-8.   

In this video, Cobb students and staff explained to the Board what the success of the Georgia Milestones means to them.  

On the heels of Cobb’s student achievement on the Georgia Milestones, the Board discussed the news that the Cobb Schools graduation rate continues to rise and outpace the state and metro peers.  

“I am proud of the hard work being led by all of our high school teachers and principals, especially those at Harrison High School, Hillgrove High School, and McEachern High School who have some of the highest graduation rates in the entire county and state,” said Vice-Chair Brad Wheeler. 

Thanks to the Cobb County Board of Education and Superintendent’s Ragsdale’s consistent leadership over the last 5 years, seven Cobb Schools topped a 90% graduation rate. For students who attended a Cobb high school all four years, every traditional high school achieved a graduation rate above 92%.  

“Hard work from our teachers and principals over the last 5 years has led to a continued increase in the number of students who graduate on time in Cobb County. Improving graduation rates doesn’t happen overnight and I appreciate the consistent vision of the Cobb County Board of Education which has allowed our school leaders to best support students,” said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale.   

The Board meeting also included an update on Cobb’s focus on literacy, which has a direct contribution to future successes on assessments like Georgia Milestones and the graduation rate.