This is Cobb: Sprayberry Custodian’s Career Spans 40-Years

Before Lassiter High School welcomed its first class of students and more than three decades before East Cobb Middle School’s new campus was built, George Burcher began his career as a school custodian.  

It’s a career that has spanned 40 years.  

Burcher joined the Cobb Schools team in 1979 as a custodian at Wheeler High school. He also worked at East Cobb Middle School and was later part of the custodial team that opened Lassiter High School. 

Continuing to serve the East Cobb community, Burcher moved to Sprayberry High School where he has been a member of the school community for more than 30 years.  

“I love the high school competition and experiencing each day because it is a different day.  I have enjoyed working with many principals as well,” Burcher explained.  

The kids and the “great staff members”—that’s what has kept the dedicated custodian at Sprayberry for so many years.  

Burcher is one of Sprayberry’s custodians who transform the school overnight. After about 1,800 students and educators spend the day teaching and learning, it’s Burcher and his team’s responsibility to ensure the school is clean, fresh and ready to welcome them all back again the very next morning.  

When the school bell rings at the end of the day, the veteran custodian starts his job. Until midnight, he spends his hours cleaning rooms, restrooms, and riding the scrubber up and down the hallways. His nightshift crew also helps with sporting events when needed.  

The Sprayberry custodian was a member of the Cobb Schools family before he signed on as a staff member. In fact, Burcher graduated from Walton High School in 1978.  

Superintendent Chris Ragsdale and the Board of Education recognized Burcher in August for his years of service to Cobb Schools. 

Even with 40 years in, he’s not retiring just yet. Burcher is like many members of the Cobb team who serve for decades in a job they love, in a community they love.  

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